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Inland Empire - english version [marzo 2007]

There's probably nothing as hard as getting to write in an "objective" way (bad and relative word in this context) about something which the writer has really loved,even if it hasn't been fully understood,and which has been made by someone who's got the writer's unconditional admiration....if we add that the loved object is Inland Empire and the person is David Lynch the situation becomes an enterprise with which,out of passion,i'll try to cope....
I've been waiting for this movie for so long,like many other people i think,as usual i knew/didn't know what to expect but,anyway,i was caught off guard….not much by the natural inexplicability of the movie,which my mind has seen as the final chapter of an ideal trilogy formed by Lost Higway first and Mulholland Drive then….a trilogy of dream/nightmare,of unexpressed communication and,in the case of Inland Empire,of a deep despair and an underlying anguish,a Fear of Death that i couldn't help sensing for all the duration of the movie.....

Talking about a movie like this is very hard,one can only listen to the istinct,to sensations,to messages sent to the unconscious by a series of images that doesn't seem to have any meaning but,in reality,they enclose everything….

The story's scenario is little more than an excuse to show the real message,the "what's inside" which therefore is teorically not-showable.... the unconscious/conscious "trip" of a woman in a given moment of her life/carreer,a movie inside the movie in which everything mix up continuously,with Laura Dern Lynchian icon like never before and gigantic like never before in bearing all the movie's weight on her own shoulders (a great actor as Jeremy Irons is in fact exiled as he was a mere side dish),in her there are still echoes of Wild at Heart's Lula but a grown-up Lula, disenchanted,gone through passion to compassion and,from there,to the awareness of her own despair….

A less stylished movie compared to the previous director's works,which were always pictorically perfect in their surreal shots… there is a larger use of the handycam,maybe for the first time,which furtherly confuses,bewilders,wants to be reality and unreality at the same time and perfectly succeeds in that….extreme close-ups,eyes wide open,image's deformations,for three hours of pure cinema but,at the same time,polluted but its own self….one shouldn't read or talk about it,it simply has to be….seen.

Chiara Pani/Araknex


Francia/Polonia/USA – 2006

Regia:David Lynch

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